Woody – Teak Detergent

WOODY is the new professional concentrated product created in the MA-FRA Research and Development laboratories, with naturally derived surface acting agents, that preserves and regenerates teak boat parts.

Available also in 6kg format.


WOODY is a “two in one” product:

1)  PURE, it provides an extraordinary cleaning action: its formula, with natural surface acting agents and high penetrating powers, cleans wood deep down by lifting and breaking the dirt, removing black marks, impurities and all traces of mould and seaweed, restoring the original conditions of the materials without the need to laminate or sand the surface.

2)  DILUTED, as directed, it is suitable for washing wood regularly under normal conditions: the waterproofing wax contained in the formulation seals the open grains and preserves the wood by boosting its original beauty.
WOODY can also be diluted with sea water.

WOODY is sold in sailing shops and dry docks in a practical 750ml format.

A professional products for boat wash by Mafra: international supplier for boat cleaners and degreasers.


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