Scic Blue

Dashboard spray, medium shine, perfumed.


SCIC BLUE is the DASHBOARD SHINE-REVIVING spray that brightens the dashboard with a long-lasting medium-shine effect.

SCIC BLUE polishes, protects and restores the dashboards and all surfaces in plastic, rubber or other synthetic material, as well as leather, leatherette and skay.
SCIC BLUE is much more however, and is also perfect on wooden dashboards, while it also works to protect and revitalise fine inlaid furniture.
SCIC BLUE contains fine anti-dust silicones that protect and restore softness and vitality to the parts treated by boosting the natural look.
Furthermore, it restores shine to the dashboard surfaces without creating the “greasy” effect or causing annoying reflections on the windscreen.
SCIC BLUE is concentrated and a little is more than enough.
For best results, small amounts are sprayed at a distance of about 20cm.
SCIC BLUE is sold in 600ml spray cans.


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