Cage Degreaser

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: spray on the surface to treat, leave to work for a few seconds, then wipe with a damp cloth.

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CAGE DEGREASER is the specific product manufactured by MA-FRA for its AMICO MIO by CAR Line, dedicated to cleaning travel cages and covers used to protect the boot. CAGE DEGREASER, thanks to its exclusive active principles, in the meantime removes every type of bad odour: it therefore guarantees optimum cleaning and removes bad odours.

This particular formula is in fact ideal to quickly and effectively degrease travel cages in cars or covers protecting the boot. The product is easy and fast to use: it acts quickly and, after treatment, does not require rinsing. CAGE DEGREASER is safe for your four-legged friend’s health and for the materials treated: results and safety guaranteed by MA-FRA’s experience.


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