M7 Plus

Ma-Fra’s 5 star multipurpose super spray.

Available in 200ml and 500ml.


The multi-function super spray M7 Plus effectively performs seven primary actions:

1)  perfectly lubricates any type of device,
2) works quickly and cleanly;
3) unblocks effectively acting on the jammed parts and any frozen or blocked mechanisms;
4) reactivates, penetrating rapidly through capillarity in the porosity of the metal, passing through the corrosive layers;
4) protects, acting against oxidation and all types of corrosion, even in the most critical conditions;
5) repels water by infiltrating under the humidity and covering all surfaces, protecting against short circuits;
6) cleans, easily removing grease, glue and tar stains from any non-porous surface;
7) renews, as it quickly restores the original efficiency of each type of mechanism.

HOW TO USE: spray on the parts to be unblocked or cleaned, then wait a few seconds for the product to perform its penetrating action.


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