495 Clear Express SR 4:1

Available in 1L and 5L tins.

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Extremely fast drying, Scratch Resistant clear coat, suitable for high volume body shops. Ensures durable gloss and offers excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions. Mix with H753 HARDENER FOR TOPCOATS Normal at a ratio of 4:1. Dries rapidly, 3-4 hours air dry and 15 min @ 60°C (140°F). Due to the rapid drying it is recommended for spot and panel repairs up to half a car. For even faster air drying, mix with Hardener 727 POLAR and 20 ml TURBO AX 715 for every 250 ml of ready for use product. ‣ 5 min dust free @ 23°C ‣ 40 min ready for assembly @ 23°C ‣ 60 min ready for polishing @ 23°C ‣ Scratch resistant ‣ Crystal clear.


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